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As a certified family psychologist, I try to meet the needs of my clients by doing everything possible to ensure their mental well-being. I truly care about my clients and work hard to help them find answers to their many questions.


Since 2018, I have been helping to a variety of people, couples, entire families who are faced with difficult life circumstances, crises, losses and losses.

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Your mental well being
- my main task 


About me

I am using effective methods of psychotherapy focused on awareness, which can help the client to accept the situation and his feelings towards it.


It is important to understand that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix, it is a healing process that requires participation and involvement from the client no less than from the therapist. As a result, taking small steps towards getting rid of self-destructive behavior, gradually overcoming despondency, fear and pain, you can completely change your life.

3 languages

I work with international couples and speak 3 languages

25 pairs

In the process of therapy, we were able to understand why conflicts arise and learned how to cope with them.

40 hours

Number of appointments per week

How can I help you

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  • Cope with anxiety, panic attacks

  • Get rid of and protect yourself from abusive relationships

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Overcome a personal crisis

  • Build relationships with the family members

  • Deal with the problem of misunderstanding

  • Restore relationship

  • To learn how to hear and listen each other

  • Bring back intimacy

  • Recovery after adultery 

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Imagine that every morning you wake up with the feeling that you can move mountains. Would you like to experience this feeling?


Since 2018, I have been running an online  practice and counseling service to help clients cope with life's trials and get through difficult times.


Sometimes life tests our strength, and the help of a professional such as a clinical psychologist can significantly reduce stress.


I care about your peace of mind. I can restore your ability to enjoy life and tell you how to overcome even the most traumatic circumstances.

Questions and answers


The cost of an individual consultation per hour is 60 USD.

The cost of a pair consultation per hour is 75 USD.


The psychotherapy session lasts

60  minutes.This is a structured period of time during which the therapist helps clients see how they can cope with current life situations.


In systemic family therapy, a psychotherapist can work with the whole family, with a couple, or separately with one of the family members, including a child. During the conversation, he analyzes the client's habitual forms of behavior and his ways of emotionally responding to the words and actions of significant people.

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